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 The Remnant Room army surplus, mickey mouse boots military, bunny boots

 The Remnant Room LLC and Dalton Logshells are two home grown army surplus companies, specializing in mickey mouse boots military and bunny boots and log cabin kits.  The owners of this army surplus store and log cabin kit company, Patrick and Sharon Dalton, moved to the area in the 90s.  Pat learned the log building trade, and Sharon learned the value of quality army surplus gear like bunny boots, Arctic mittens and hard to find items that were not available in the chain stores.

Working outside through the long cold winter at building log cabin kits, cutting firewood for heat, and using alternate power, they recognized the need for quality warm outdoor gear at a reasonable price.  Husqvarna dealers had the best products for the only practical way to stay warm, cutting the best firewood, using the best professional chainsaws that Husqvarna had to offer.

The unsurpassed Bata Bunny Boots, bunny boots, and army surplus gear became hard to find.  This store grew to meet this huge demand by scores of other rural communities widely dispersed through out the gigantic state.  A trip to town for bunny boots, military surplus clothing, chainsaw parts, or health supplements is simply not practical for many of us in this state.

The Daltons also host entertaining and lively Bible study movies, and round-table Bible prophecy discussions after business hours on Saturday evenings.  Visitors are always appreciated.  If you have spiritual mind you may find unusually gifted individuals at these meetings after surplus store hours.

The Remnant Room army surplus store but the owners recognize  the need for many other valuable and hard to find items.  This shop is designed to ship out these items through the postal system and occasionally by deliveries with enough orders.  We can delivery in some cases to Glenn Allen, Matsu Valley, and Fairbanks.  Inquire about this option by calling us at:(907) 803-0772.