Bata Bunny Boots, Bunny Boots

What are bunny boots or mickey mouse boots?

The Remnant Room army surplus, bunny boots.  Select Bata bunny boots that fit your budget, new or used. we have a large inventory of  extremely warm and durable, waterproof army surplus snow bunny boots.  These bata bunny boots have never been exceeded in their warmth and durability and economy.  The white variety are good at 65 degrees below and the black to minus 20 degrees F. See The Remnant Room bunny boots here.

This great  warmth, of bunny boots, comes from the two layers of thick wool felt on the sole where all of the foot's heat would otherwise be lost through conduction.  Since the foot rests on the ground this is the greatest area of heat loss.

Additionally, the inner and outer rubber layers are completely sealed to insure that wool which makes bunny boots warm never gets wet from either outside or inside.  Hence, neither sweat from the foot, nor snow, rain, or ground water can ever compromise this thermal insulation.

Bunny boots can be taken off outside in the wilderness, dried out with a cloth, and be put back on, in the event of breaking through ice.  For this reason trappers, hunters, and outdoorsman in the cold Alaska winter prefer them.

The economy of bunny boots or mickey mouse boots, is also unequaled by any other boot ever made.  Many people still wear the same warm pair of bunny boots after 10 years of wear.  The Remnant Room sells used bunny boots as well as new.  Some used pairs are priced at only 60 dollars and are still perfectly warm though well used.

The most popular brand of white bunny boots is the Bata Bunny Boot.

The Miner Bunny Boot is nearly identical to the Bata brand of mickey mouse boots, and every bit as warm.  Only the sole tread of the Miner brand is different.

The Acton and Airboss Brands are equal in warmth to the Bata brand but look different, and are slightly wider with a little better traction on ice.

The Remnant Room army surplus, sells all brands new and used.  Be sure and call with any questions: (907) 803-0772 or (907) 803-0092